Amanita Muscaria – Visual Identification – Victoria, Australia.: Insane Video

June 25, 2010

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Music – Newgrounds – Badger. Here is an educational video for anyone wishing to identify Amanita Muscaria from other more toxic varieties. NOTE: Amanita Muscaria is toxic in HIGH DOSES. According to wikipedia, a fatal dose is 15 of the mushrooms, it doesn’t specify the size of the 15 mushrooms, nor the potency, so it can be hard to get the desired effects of the mushrooms from a potentially dangerous dose. ALSO: I’d like to point out that Amanita Muscaria IS NOT a ‘magic mushroom’ in that it contains no alkaloids that are scientifically classified as Psychedelic Drugs. This mushroom contains the alkaloids “Muscimol” and “Ibotenic Acid”. Ibotenic Acid being a brain-lesioning agent and Muscimol reportedly being 10 times as potent as Ibotenic Acid. If one dries the mushroom, a large proportion of the Ibotenic Acid will be chemically synthesized into Muscimol, making a dried Amanita Muscaria possibly more toxic than in it’s fresh state. I’ve heard from friends who chef that the toxins can be neutralized by finely slicing the mushrooms and cooking at extremely high temperatures. I’ve never tried this though. Obviously I’m not responsible for anyone who is silly enough to eat one of these mushrooms and die. So if you’d like my opinion on eating these, don’t do it unless your going to die of starvation! CHARACTERISTICS OF AMANITA MUSCARIA: It is very common to find these growing around Pine trees. Also look out for any raised pine needle lumps, often there will be a big


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