Media: Psychedelics and and reality by Michael Persinger 5/5

April 29, 2008

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Persinger focuses much of his work on the commonalities that exist between the sciences, and aims to integrate fundamental concepts of various branches of science. He organized the Behavioral Neuroscience Program at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, which became one of the first to integrate chemistry, biology and psychology.Because of the interdisciplinary nature of much of his work, Persinger insists on publishing his techniques and results within the public forum (the scientific literature). Except for $10,000 given to him in 1983 by a researcher from the U.S. Navy who had an interest in magnetic fields and brain activity, his private practice has supported all of his work. Laurentian University supplies only space and infrastructure. Recently, Persinger has received grants from a Canadian SIDS foundation.During the 1980s Persinger stimulated people’s temporal lobes artificially with a weak magnetic field to see if he could induce a religious state (see God helmet). He found that the field could produce the sensation of “an ethereal presence in the room”.Susan Blackmore, a former academic psychologist and parapsychology researcher: “When I went to Persinger’s lab and underwent his procedures I had the most extraordinary experiences I’ve ever had.” “I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be a placebo effect

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In 2006, the US government funded a randomized and double-blinded study by Johns Hopkins University. The study included 36 college-educated adults who had never tried psilocybin nor had a history of drug use, and had spiritual interests. The participants were closely observed for eight-hour intervals while under the influence of magic mushrooms. One-third of the participants reported the experience was the single most spiritually significant experience of their lifetimes. Two months after the study, 79 percent of the participants reported increased wellbeing in their lives.

Watch: Mushrooms Drugs #4

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There’s no doubt about it: Mushrooms take you on a trip. Will you like it?

These steps may be taken in cases of magic mushroom poisoning: 01 ingestion of 15-30 cc of ipecac syrup closely followed by large amounts of oral liquids 500 cc; 02 general supportive treatment comforting, personal support from an experienced individual; further aided by limiting external stimulation such as intense light or loud sounds and letting the person lie down and relax; and optionally, 03 tranquilizers need only be used in extreme situations and are generally not considered to be necessary.

Come see: THE GLOBOS That Old Black Magic 1982

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THE GLOBOS appeared regularly on MIKE WALSH’s legendary midday variety show. Here they are lip-synching Louis Prima & Keely Smith’s THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC, Live from Melbourne’s National Theatre, St Kilda, on 21 September 1982. With Mark and Wendy in this lineup are JANE MARKEY, DAVID PLEDGER, KIM TRENGOVE and JANE TURNER.THE GLOBOS, a musical comedy cabaret group, was founded in Melbourne in 1980 by MARK TREVORROW and WENDY DE WAAL. The group mimed old records and commercials, in a loving and hilarious recreation of early Australian TV pop shows, and then recorded (and mimed!) their own material. They signed to Mushroom Records in 1982 and achieved two Australian Top 20 hits: TINTARELLA DI LUNA (1982) & THE BEAT GOES ON (1983).

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During the 16th century, Dutch physician Pieter van Foreest took note of a case of a woman who was “flung into violent convulsions and the Riscus sardonicus by eating mushrooms.” It was obviously a case of accidental ingestion of magic mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms

April 28, 2008

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Panta Rhea ‘All Flows’

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Magic Mushrooms Episode Part II, at Second Life.

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Magic Mushrooms Episode Part II, is a 3D animation film made at Second Life. Performanced by Lilly Figgis, directed and produced by Steve Beck, music by Frank Zappa who performs the Led Zeppelin classic Stairway To Heaven. Distributed by Metaverse Machinima Production. See Part I.

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The discrepancy between the Botanical pronunciation with an audible “e” and colloquial pronunciations with a silent “e” may contribute to the misunderstandings that come up in oral communications about this genus.

There have been speculations that point to the distinct possibility that Amanita muscaria used as a magic mushroom may be the “Soma” drug-plant described in ancient Hindu scriptures.

Awesome Video: Ken Kesey & Jerry Garcia on LSD & Creativity

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Ken Kesey (& Jerry Carcia) are interviewed by Tom Snyder. Then in a clip looking back from an historical retrospective many years later, Kesey describes how LSD enabled him to write such works as the classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”For more videos exploring LSD and other sacred sacraments, see you wonder why we call them “sacraments,” here’s scientific proof that psychedelics facilitate genuine religious experiences: In 2006, researchers at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical School, in a controlled double blind study, showed that those administered the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms had profound religious experiences. To see a video and major media reports about that study, see

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The English translation of the local name for the magic mushroom Psilocybe zapotecorum is crown of thorns mushroom.

Shroomies Atlantis and the Magic Mushroom Part 1

April 26, 2008

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A slideshow presentation of my theory that Atlantis is the forgotten connection of man and mushroom.

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Psilocybe azurescens is among the most highly potent of the hallucinogenic mushroom species, containing up to 1.8% psilocybin, 0.5% psilocin, and 0.4% baeocystin by dry weight, averaging to about 1.1% psilocybin and 0.15% psilocin.

Presently, magic mushroom use has been reported among a number of groups spanning from central Mexico to Oaxaca, including groups of Nahua, Mixtecs, Mixe, Mazatecs, Zapotecs, and others. The popularization of entheogens by R. Gordon Wasson, Timothy Leary, and others has also led to a sudden boom in the recreational use of magic mushrooms worldwide. The relatively easy availability of magic mushrooms from wild and cultivated sources has made it among the most widely used of the hallucinogenic drugs.

mushroom part 2 Media

April 25, 2008

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“The mailbox is open. Will you look inside? (YES/NO) There are many postcards inside. Will you read them? (YES/NO)” “The boy names Lucas is crying at the grave.” “The boy named Lucas and a dog are loitering in the forest.” “The boy named Lucas is up to no good in the mountains.” “The boy named Lucas stole Nuts from our garden.” “The boy named Lucas is bullying creatures.” “The boy named Lucas learned some bad magic.” “The boy named Lucas…” “The boy named Lucas…” “The mailbox let out a shriek.”GO WEST AND TALK TO CLAUS. Claus: Lucas, what are you up to? It looks like fun! Can I play? (YES/NO) Yeah! I’ll pull up the rear. Thanks! Lucas! Lucas! I’m Claus! Claus. The Claus that Lucas doesn’t see

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Very negative experiences or “bad trips” while under the influence of magic mushrooms may be called psilocybin poisonings, even if they are primarily psychological and not physical in nature. Anxiety states, disorientation, depression, paranoia, mood changes, and the lack of a capacity to distinguish between reality and fantasy may occur. The recommended treatment for this type of poisoning should be mainly supportive.

Magic Mushroom **The Mushroom-Dance**

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**The Mushroom-Dance**….so freud man sich über “funde”

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Amanita muscaria extract

MUSHROOMS: Insane Video

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The difference between the Botanical pronunciation with an audible “e” and colloquial pronunciations with a silent “e” is sometimes a source of confusion in oral communications about this genus.

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