News: Shroom Dancing – Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Cartoon

July 31, 2009

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A dancin’ mushroom

Awesome Video: Amanita Muscaria Resurrection by The Ambrosia Society

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Time-Lapse video by Donald E. Teeter. (Author of “Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality” and “The Sacred Secret: The Return of the Christ”) Don placed the stem of a dehydrated Amanita Muscaria specimen in a jar and added a few drops of water. Learn the secret of The Holy Grail, Manna Bread, and the Soma of the Rig Vedas. Download a free copy of “Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality” by Don Teeter at: Director Donald E. Teeter Camera: Jeff Peterson Music: Donald E. Teeter…

Terence Mckenna’s 1st DMT Trip Video

July 30, 2009

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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION! Terence Mckenna describes his first DMT trip. check out for information on… 2C-B 2C-I 2C-T-7 2C-B-FLY 3C-B-FLY 5-MEO-DMT Amanita muscaria Ayahuasca Blue Lily Bufo alvarius Cannabis DMT DXM Kratom LSD Psilocybin Salvia divinorum San Pedro Yopo seeds -Buy Legal Entheogens Free ebooks -DMT The Spirit Molecule -The Essential Psychedelic Guide -The Psychedelic Experience -The Easy DMT Extraction Tek -The Psychedelic Experience: Fact …

Hallucinations – Terence Mckenna Media

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Psychedelics. Buy Legal Entheogens www.bouncingbearbota… Information on Entheogens http 2C-B 2C-B-FLY 2C-I 2C-T-7 3C-B-FLY 5-MEO-DMT Amanita muscaria Ayahuasca Blue Lily Bufo alvarius Bufotenin Caffeine Cannabis Cocaine Datura Diazepam DMT DXM Ethanol GHB Heroin Ibogaine Ketamine Kratom LSA LSD MDMA Meth Mimosa hostilis Morning Glory Morphine Nitrous PCP Peyote Psilocybin Salvia San Pedro Yopo Seeds … hallucinations drugs aliens ufo dmt trip psychedelics entheogens ayahuasca 3rd eye 2012 …

Awesome Video: Mudvayne- Pharmaecopia

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darvaset, valium, caffeine, cannabis, and LSD, Ayahuasca, harmine give it all to me I want it These are just a few of my favorite things [X 2] Trisolam and zanex, serotonin, mdma, ibogaine, dopeamine, Tetra-hydro-chloride, atenolol, Amanita muscaria, Boric oxide, arrabinitol, psilocin, and flamizine, Cylotec and harmaline Give it all to me I want it Does your god come in a capsule to sedate you, Tear the walls down, headless prison, Cannibals chew to consume you, Bring the alien You can’t …

1. Orígenes Ocultos: Must see

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Shangri-La, Shambalá, Atlántida, Camelot, Ávalon, Thule, Olimpo, Averno, Cielo, Sheol, Hades, Lemuria, Zion, Edén, el abismo… Símbolos: El Caduceo, El Sol Negro, La Svástica, Lucifer, Reptil, Serpiente, el ajedréz y las franjas masónicas, el número 33. Cultura popular: La Tierra Media, capitán Sky y el mundo del mañana, Mitos Cthulhu, Calabozos y Dragones: Underdark, Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, Tiny Toons. Relaciones históricas: Nazi, Hitler, Fibonacci, sociedad Thule, Richard E …

Videos- Amanita Muscarias Activate Your Light Body : A Trip Report From ShaktipatSage

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, buddha, buddhism, ramana maharshi, tolle, nisargadata maharaj, adyashanti, dharma, beauty, harmony, immensity, everything, wonder, it, isness, clarity, bliss, nowhere, exquisiteness, infinity, forever, religiousness, ecstasy, siddhi, trueness, absoluteness, yoga, fulfilment, richness, wholeness, emptiness, nothing, sage, self help, motivation, who you are, who am i, illusion, spiritual meditation, self healing, new age, spiritual guidance, journey of self discovery, surrender, …

Net Videos- Amanita Muscaria

July 29, 2009

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July 28, 2009

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Learn all about: Amanita Muscaria – The Sacred Soma

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Upon the lofty ridge of Heaven thy bright rays with their essences, Soma, spread thy purifying power. – Rig Veda (B 9, H LXVI, V 5.) I just ordered an ounce of Amanita caps from for $28.. check it out.. httpCreate your own reality, 2012 not cataclysmic, Russian physics, Dr. Sergey Smelyakov / Auric Time Scale, Mayan Calendar, spiral imploding into 2012 changing consciousness, Ascended abilities, spiritual growth The Hidden Messages In Water by Masaru Emoto, The …

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