Watch: Alex Jones Tv 11/06/10 4 Lindsey Williams & Mr.X

June 25, 2010

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Alex welcomes back to the show Lindsey Williams. He mentions Vanadium and I found some interesting details, on WkiPedia: Biological role Ascidiacea contain vanadium. Amanita muscaria contains amavadin. Vanadium plays a very limited role in biology. A vanadium-containing nitrogenase is used by some nitrogen-fixing micro-organisms. Vanadium is essential to ascidians or sea squirts in vanadium chromagen proteins. The concentration of vanadium in their blood is more than 100 times higher than the concentration of vanadium in the seawater around them. Rats and chickens are also known to require vanadium in very small amounts and deficiencies result in reduced growth and impaired reproduction. Vanadium is a relatively controversial dietary supplement, primarily for increasing insulin sensitivity and body-building. Whether it works for the latter purpose has not been proven, and there is some evidence that athletes who take it are merely experiencing a placebo effect. Vanadyl sulfate may improve glucose control in people with type 2 diabetes. In addition, decavanadate and oxovanadates are species that potentially have many biological activities and that have been successfully used as tools in the comprehension of several biochemical processes. Ten percent of the blood cell pigment of the sea cucumber is vanadium. Just as the horseshoe crab has blue blood due to copper in hemocyanin, and land animals have red blood from the iron in hemoglobin, the blood of the sea cucumber is

Shroomies- Amanita Muscaria

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My first video, I decided to talk about my experience with Amanita Muscaria.

02 – Amanita Muscaria

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from “Train” (2008).

Amanita Muscaria – Visual Identification – Victoria, Australia.: Insane Video

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Music – Newgrounds – Badger. Here is an educational video for anyone wishing to identify Amanita Muscaria from other more toxic varieties. NOTE: Amanita Muscaria is toxic in HIGH DOSES. According to wikipedia, a fatal dose is 15 of the mushrooms, it doesn’t specify the size of the 15 mushrooms, nor the potency, so it can be hard to get the desired effects of the mushrooms from a potentially dangerous dose. ALSO: I’d like to point out that Amanita Muscaria IS NOT a ‘magic mushroom’ in that it contains no alkaloids that are scientifically classified as Psychedelic Drugs. This mushroom contains the alkaloids “Muscimol” and “Ibotenic Acid”. Ibotenic Acid being a brain-lesioning agent and Muscimol reportedly being 10 times as potent as Ibotenic Acid. If one dries the mushroom, a large proportion of the Ibotenic Acid will be chemically synthesized into Muscimol, making a dried Amanita Muscaria possibly more toxic than in it’s fresh state. I’ve heard from friends who chef that the toxins can be neutralized by finely slicing the mushrooms and cooking at extremely high temperatures. I’ve never tried this though. Obviously I’m not responsible for anyone who is silly enough to eat one of these mushrooms and die. So if you’d like my opinion on eating these, don’t do it unless your going to die of starvation! CHARACTERISTICS OF AMANITA MUSCARIA: It is very common to find these growing around Pine trees. Also look out for any raised pine needle lumps, often there will be a big

Learn all about: Live set – zucal [visual]+ ramirez [sonido]+ luquez [buccle] okt 2008

June 6, 2010

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Magic Mushroom – Reform – Amanita Muscaria

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Reform live at Lilla Wien May 15 2010

Video About: Fly Agaric Amanita Muscaria Info And Where To Get It

Posted by at 6:00 am | Comments (0) That’s my blog if you want more info on it… it also lists the best places to get it if you’re interested in trying it out.

Amanita Muscaria – Sunday Morning Fever: Killer Video

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non poteva mancare qualcosa di questo fantastico gruppo! assolo di alberto al trombone e valerio al sax! testo: Sunday morning fever I’m waiting for you Today I’m just tired and I’m lonely too No non infierire che stanco sarò Devo lavorare senza perdere il tempo Un automa irrazionale si aggira qua e la La giornata passa e non ritornerà Sunday morning fever io fumo e sbadiglio Now i feel just lower e cerco un appiglio E mi chiedo quando questo giorno terminerà Mentre il tempo passa e non ritornerà.

News: The Magic Mushrooms – Never Let Go

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One of four tracks recorded in 1966 by this psychedelic garage band formed in Pennsylvania. Alludes to use of either psilocybin or amanita muscaria.

Eveline Job. Alicia en el país de las maravillas. espacio matriz. DAI 2

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Eveline Job. Alicia en el país de las maravillas. espacio matriz. propuesta incipiente. dai2 2010. departamento de Ideación Gráfica. etsam. upm. profesor Pedro Burgaleta. En el ejercicio se trataba de investigar sobre los espacios quel cuento de Lewis Caroll ” Alicia en el país de las maravillas” podia generar. Como hay una gran cantidad de personas que lo piensan, Alicia en el país de las maravillas esta relacionada con la vision des estados alterados (drogas y probablemente con los efectos del amanita muscaria). El amanita muscaria tiene 3 síntomas alucinógenos: Perdida de la realidad temporal; cae muy lentamente en la madriguera del conejo. Perdida de la dimensión tridimensional (crece o se hace enanita), en realidad ve los objetos muy chicos o amplificados; casa del conejo. Violencia y perdida de la lógica; lo que pasa en la casa de pimienta. Asi que ella relata hechos insólitos, que pueden ser percibidos como tal en caso de estar drogado con el hongo (ac Ibotenic, etc ). En la primera parte del video, trabajo sobre el efecto calidoscópico que es uno de otro de los efectos tipicos de la droga con este hongo. Ver como un espacio (podria ser cualquier maqueta) puede dar sensaciones differentes segun la luz y los colores. La segunda parte es con espacios creados por otra maqueta que relata la perdida en la comprehencion del espacio y de la inseguridad frente al desorden aparente.

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