Shroom: Amanita Muscaria – Wniosek nasuwa się sam

December 23, 2010

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Amanita Muscaria – Wniosek nasuwa się sam by Mokry.

Shroom: Plant Intoxicants

Posted by at 7:00 am | Comments (0) ‘Plant Intoxicants’ is a pionering study of psychactive plants and their role in society. Initially published in Nuremberg in 1855, it is one of the first books to examine the cultivation, preparation, and consumption of the world’s major stimulants and inebriants. Drawing on his own travel experiences as well as the writings of his predecessors, Baron Ernst von Bibra (1806-78) devotes a full chapter to each of seventeen plants, ranging from such mild stimulants as coffee and tea, through tobacco and hashish, to powerful narcotics and hallucinogens such as opium and fly agaric (amanita muscaria). Written in a lively style, ‘Plant Intoxicants’ paints a fascinating panorama of the worldwide use of psychoactive plants in the nineteenth century. Von Bibra brings to the subject a keen intellect, an engaging sense of humor, and a refreshing open-mindness unusual for his, or any, time. While frankly acknowledging and describing in vivid detail the depravities of the opium den, he holds the opinion that intoxicants, when used in moderation, are “gifts bestowed by the gods on man to alleviate his misery and reconcile men with one another.” His findings , unhampered by the restrictive morality of his era, are a testament to the intellectual freedom enjoyed by wealthy private researchers in the nineteenth century. Complementing and enhancing von Bibra’s work is a full annotation by his modern-day counterpart, the ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott. A foreword by

Magic Mushrooms Media

Posted by at 7:00 am | Comments (0) Over a hundred species of psilocybian mushrooms have been identified. MAGIC MUSHROOMS describes the size, shape, habitat, and potency of the most popular, including Amanita muscaria or Fly Agaric, Psilocybe cubensis, Psilocybe semilanceata or Liberty Caps, Panaeolus subbalteatus — the most prevalent of the psilocybian mushrooms — Psilocybe cyanescens or Wavy Caps, Psilocybe baeocystis, and Psilocybe stuntzii. The amazing romantic history of the discovery and modern use of magic mushrooms weaves throughout MAGIC MUSHROOMS. Stafford tells of R. Gordon Wasson’s search for the sacred in the Oaxacan highlands and his mushrooms ceremonies with the curandera Maria Sabina. Soon after that came the famous Miracle of Marsh Chapel and Timothy Leary’s prison experiments in which he and several convicts actually ate mushrooms inside the Massachusetts Correctional Institution — a maximum-security prison for young offenders. Step-by-step photographs show how mushrooms are cultivated indoors along with the methods for harvesting and drying them. Stafford discusses dosages used by ‘shroom trippers and includes an entire chapter on chemistry. Included are dozens of wonderful photographs of marvelous mushrooms in all stages of development. Anyone who loves the 1960s and is curious about psychedelic fungi will enjoy MAGIC MUSHROOMS. This book is a treasure

Ceramic bong Shroomparty on YouTube

Posted by at 7:00 am | Comments (0) This bong, shaped like an Amanita muscaria mushroom, has three hoses of 50 cm each. The mushroom itself is 16 cm high, 12 cm in diameter and its weight is 710 grams.

Venus Rising at La Cita performing “White Rabbit”

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Recorded on November 30, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. The Los Angeles-based band “Venus Rising” is covering the classic 60s tune “White Rabbit,” written by the Jefferson Airplane. The trippy colored lights at La Cita bar in downtown LA adds to the psychedelic flavor. And now for your edification on the subject of Lewis Carroll and his pasttimes: Amanita muscaria var. formosa is a color variant of Amanita muscaria. Amanita muscaria can be white, yellow, red, orange or even brown. All Amanita muscaria variants are characterized by white gills and stem, a white spore print, warts on the cap which easily wash or rub off, a membranous partial veil that leaves a distinct membranous mid-stem ring and remains of the universal veil seen as three small rings of tissue just at the enlarged stem base. The book Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll after he had experimented with Amanita muscaria and the changes in size and time perception described in Alice in Wonderland are characteristic effects of the mushroom intoxication. People remain fascinated by this mushroom and you will see it illustrated in many children’s books, on lawn ornaments and on kitchen items. Siberian tribesmen valued Amanita muscaria for its effects and would even trade a prized reindeer for one or two dried specimens. When they urinated on the ground an hour after eating the mushrooms, the reindeer would come for the salt in the yellow snow and become intoxicated, clueing poorer tribesmen to

Media: Steve Bug – Sensitive Fred Gianelli Remix

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Various – The Classics Of Superstition Vol. 2 Year 2 & 3 Label:Superstition, Superstition Catalog#:Super 2827 DCD, Super 2827 Format:2 x CD, Compilation Country:Germany Released:05 Nov 1999 Genre:Electronic Style:Trance, Techno, Acid Tracklist ———— 1-01 Humate – Spacetribe 1-02 Europe – Music Madness 1-03 Humate & Rabbit In The Moon – East 1-04 Phax Feat. Steve Bug – Tri Top (Goldfinger Remix) 1-05 Humate – Sound (Parboiled Edit) 1-06 Azid Force – Amanita Muscaria 1-07 Paragliders – Oasis (Sheik Mix) 1-08 Velocity – Uplift (Compilation Edit) 1-09 LSG – My Time Is Yours 1-10 Mijk’s Magic Marble Box – Tokyo Underground 2-01 Arte Bionico – Voyager 2-02 Freakazoid – Asphalt 2-03 Steve Bug – Sensitive (Fred Gianelli Remix) 2-04 LSG – Fontana (Processed Mix) 2-05 Humate & Rabbit In The Moon – East (Rabbit In The Moon Remix) 2-06 Humate – 3.1 2-07 Marmion – Telepathics “First Contact” Inspiration 2-08 EF.3.A – DB Traders 2-09 LSG — Blueprint V2


December 16, 2010

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2010. On découvre que des parts de Neandertal subsistent en chaque caucasien. De plus en plus nombreux sont ceux qui se mettent alors à rejouer les mythes primordiaux. Ce processus de purification culturelle à travers des productions artistiques dont l’exotisme formaté était apte à séduire prit part à cette administration d’un désastre sociétal érigé, à cette charnière de l’Histoire, en commandement vertueux. work in progress by Jim Delarge – – performer : Olivier de Sagazan – Camera Crew : Cedric Maddocks / Jim Delarge – Editor / Sound Design : Jim Delarge – music : Morton Feldman : – “The ecstasy of the moment” Bass Clarinet and Percussion – “Piano and String Quartet” Kronos Quartet with Aki Takahashi Kim Cascone « New world rising » (New Density Remix) album : After with Richard Chartier & Taylor Deupree Introduction: Récession et crise idéologique incitèrent les historiens à s’entendre sur cette notion de « rétrovolution » pour mieux définir les phénomènes à l’œuvre à l’aube de ce troisième millénaire. Depuis une vingtaine d’années, fleurissait un tourisme mystique facilitant la prise d’enthéogènes comme Ayahuasca, peyotl, Iboga et Amanita Muscaria, préparations végétales aux effets psychotropes au service de ce commerce des paradis perdus et des dieux retrouvés. Ce retour aux « sagesses du fond des âges » devenait pour certains une voie à emprunter. En 2010, une équipe de paléo-généticiens découvrit que des parts de H. Neandertalis, considéré par

Watch: Amanita Muscaria

December 15, 2010

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the amanita muscaria mushroom,.. the famous red mario mushroom that was seen in alice and wonderland. Spotted in a park in southern oregon

Shrooms: CNN, Museum Offers Night on a Magic Mushrooms

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The installation, which includes a floating hotel room on a platform shaped like a mushroom, gives guests an “opportunity to dive into the world of soma,” the museum said. Soma is a mythical drink with powers to heal, enlighten and provide access to the divine, according to the beliefs of Vedic nomads in northern India during the second millennium BCE. It is no longer known what soma was made of, but research suggests the amanita muscaria, more popularly known as “the fly agaric mushroom,,” may have been the ingredient responsible for its effect. This provided Hoeller with the inspiration for his fantastical installation. The exhibition, which explores how to achieve enlightenment and the role given to science and myth in society, will be open until February 6 next year.

Shroom: Amanita Muscaria creciendo

December 10, 2010

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Una Amanita creciendo, hongos alucinogenos.

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