Magic Mushroom : Mushroom time lapse Amanita Muscaria.mp4

April 17, 2011

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amazing Mushroom time lapse Amanita Muscaria – Midnyt Garden


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Surrounded by Amanita muscaria Videos

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Central Finland.

Watch: Amanita Muscaria Trip Report UPDATED VERSION

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A remake of my Amanita Mucaria Trip Report Video from the trip i had about 2 years ago. In the last one i sounded sedated so it had to go… gonna remake the psilocybin video next.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Psychedelic Culture When I Was Yesterday Music Video: Great Video

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mind expanding music when i was yesterday – bjm Worship involving psychedelic plants and their use in spiritual pursuits can be traced to the beginnings of recorded history. The major role these plants played in the formation of early religions has been documented by several historians. R. Gordon Wasson has made a strong argument that the inebriating Soma of the ancient Indian Riga Veda was the amanita muscaria mushroom. Other historians have found evidence of psychedelic use in the Eleusian and Dionysian rituals of ancient Greece and early Christian communions. Other references to psychedelic plants can be found in ancient Buddhist, Hindu, and other far Eastern texts. As prehistoric men and women foraged for food they must have eaten the psychedelic plants which grow in nearly all regions of the world. Ingesting these plants would have produced awe inspiring experiences, and it is quite likely that the origin of ideas about gods, heavens and hells, life after death, etc. began with the ingestion of psychedelic plants. Is it any coincidence that harmful drugs such alcohol and nicotine are normalized while natural psychoactive plants that are actually beneficial to your well-being are burdened with such heavy misinformation, regulation, and unescessary cultural baggage? Probably not… the men behind the curtain like it that way.

Magic Mushroom Eric Navet – L’ amanite tue-mouches Amanita muscaria

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Extrait de l ‘intervention d’Eric Navet, ethnologue et Professeur au Département d’Ethnologie de l’Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg à la conférence “Pratiques contemporaines des plantes psychotropes” 24 mars 2011 (Maison interuniversitaire des sciences de l’homme , Alsace)

Magic Mushroom Les femmes à barbe – Résidence février 2011

April 8, 2011

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A l’occasion de leur venue aux ateliers Frappaz, du 15 au 24 février 2011, les Femmes à barbe ont pu travailler sur “Amanita Muscaria”, une immersion dans l’univers chamanique. Laurent Ménard, président de l’association a invité Diane Bélanger, chamane québécoise et étudiante en Ethnomycologie à initier les publics occidental aux rituels chamaniques ancestraux afin de les emmener dans le monde des esprits. Nous avons pu les interviewer afin qu’ils reviennent sur leurs expériences spirituelles du chamanisme, ainsi que sur leur venue aux Ateliers Frappaz. NDLR : Patrice Papelard, dont il est question en seconde partie de la vidéo, est le directeur artistique des Ateliers Frappaz.

Awesome Video: 420 / 4 Loko Freestyle. – Chris Michaud. Funny

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Add Chris Michaud on facebook @ More music on the Youtube page. Be on the lookout for Free downloads, show information, Etc. Follow Me on Twitter : Chris Michaud is a 20 year old rapper/singer/songwriter from South Windsor, Connecticut. He expeirments with a wide range of styles such as: Expiramental, Pop, Underground Hip Hop, Alternative, Psychedelic Hip Hop and many more. He has been involved with music for about 7 years now and won’t stop until he is the best. His influences come from almost every genre and his favorite musicians are: Tycho, Kid Cudi, Phoenix, Daft Punk, Sigur Ros, The Beatles, System of a Down, Hatebreed, Blink 182, the list goes on. He hopes one day he can revolutionize music and show the world there is something more than just being normal. He loves Cartoon Network, Sega Genesis and the sound of Train’s in the distance. He is a very deep thinker and takes life for what it is. Chris Michaud has 7 Tattoos and gauges, but does not “rock” them in the typical way. He is obsessed with Dreams and Psychology, thinking “what if” about everything that comes his way. Realizing he will never be normal, he just acts himself and hopes people understand him,a little bit. This is Chris Michaud. Influences: Tycho. Kid Cudi. Boards of Canada. The Prodigy.Daft Punk. Blink 182. Static X.System of a down. Onerepublic.Black moth Super rainbow.Passion Pit. Binary Star. Eric Prydz. Benny Bennasi. The Killers. Planet Funk.The Beatles.Beck

Videos~ Tempest & the Diaspora – Eden – Video Single

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Tempest & the Diaspora – Eden – Amanita Muscaria – Video Single Amanita Muscaria “Dziad i król”

April 6, 2011

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ulicznik fest wrocław klub madness

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