How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

The easiest way to grow magic mushrooms is to follow the rice-cake method. A lot of mushroom growers use this method for a number of reasons. But the most important benefit of using this method is that it Magic Mushroom Grow Kit, grow shrooms at home.First, set up the area and the things needed. Make sure everything is washed and neat (including yourself!). Also, switch off the air-conditioner and fans in the room to make it a draft-free area. This should be done to allow the dust in the room to settle including the mold spores that may contaminate your rice-cake medium.Magic Mushroom Grow KitMagic Mushroom Grow Kit

For each quart-size canning jar used to grow magic mushrooms, add 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/3 to 1/2 cup water. It’s highly advised to use distilled water since a lot of people don’t trust tap water. Fill 6 or 7 jars with this mixture, or as many as will fit into your pressure cooker without stacking or jamming them in there. Enclose the jars with lids, using rubber UP, and leave the lids very loose.

Next, place the mushroom growing jars on the bottom rack of the pressure cooker. Use racks so the jars won’t tip and spill as the water boils around them. Aside from that, it also keeps them from breaking from the heat of the burner aimed directly below them. For a 17 quart pressure cooker, add about 3 quarts of water, but not so much that the jars start to float and tip over. Again, use distilled water for this.

Seal the pressure cooker properly. Switch the stove on its highest setting and allow the pressure inside the cooker to build up to 15 lbs. Once the pressure inside the cooker has reached 15 lbs., maintain it at that level for one complete hour. You may have to turn down the stove for brief periods so that the pressure doesn’t rise to unsafe levels above 15 lbs. When the hour has passed, turn off the stove and let the pressure cooker cool before opening.Just before opening the pressure cooker, wash up again, then wear your dust mask. Sterility and the absence of draft are of utmost importance from here until end.

Open the pressure cooker and let the jars cool until they’re pretty close to room temperature. Don’t remove the jars too soon; they will crack and you will have to start over with new jars, so it pays to be a little patient. You may want to tighten the lids a bit so air/germs can’t contaminate the rice cakes. When the jars cool off, you’re ready to go.  Enjoy growing your magic mushrooms.


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